Sunday, August 11, 2013

Print Swap

Scary Stories, Linoprint, h21cm x w29.7cm, 2013

Today I finished the linoprint I started at Holland House on the SCWBI retreat. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, after two attempts at the yellow plate! On the first attempt I made the mistake of thinking that the yellow was the lightest colour, not realising that, of course, the yellow is actually darker in tone than the white paper. It was all wrong, so I had to redo it. The second time around I left the white paper to do the brightest part of the image, fitting the yellow in as a glow between the brightest parts and the darkest shadows. Now it's finished I think I might buy some more of the water based printing inks and do some more. If you like it you can buy one in my ETSY shop.

I am very fortunate as I was able to swap a print with Gerry Turley, who was at the retreat, for one of his fantastic screenprints of a curled up fox. We now have our own little curled up 'fox' (Franki the Shetland Sheepdog) so the print means a great deal to me. You can see more of Gerry's work HERE.

 Spot the difference!

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