Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Blythe Hill Festival - this weekend

Hi, well we've spent a year with no electricity (!) which has been frustrating and fun in equal measure. Son has learned not to take it for granted, which is a good lesson in life. I keep stepping over imaginary extension leads and looking like I've lost my mind. But things are now fully repaired and working... sewing machines, computers woo hoo! If you need an electrician I can wholeheartedly recommend Tim Guthrie in Brockley.

So, I am taking my stall to Blythe Hill Festival this weekend Sat 7th July 11-4pm. Do come along, it's a lovely festival on a very high hill in South London with incredible views. Now we have the 'overground' tube line there's no excuse. And there will be donkeys.

The Little Toy Dogs are going along nicely and can be found at
I've just added some felt bowls and as soon as this weekend is over I'll make some coats and beds. I've been making them to order and never getting any spare for the shop so I've had to do two things: just say that I'm making them to order in the shop, and put the price up!

Three of us had a really successful Artists' Open House in May at my friend Kath's house on Lowther Hill. She is a jeweller, and her folksy shop is HERE...  Sarah McEvoy makes cards, prints, bags and more and you can find her at Under The Eaves.

Hope to see you at the weekend, and back on the blog shortly. We've got tickets to Tindersticks on 15th July at Somerset House so hopefully some Drawing in the Dark to come soon as well.