Monday, March 10, 2008


No gigs for a (very long) while. I did go to see Ray Lamontagne at the Albert Hall, but we were right up in the vertiginous top bit and I felt a bit squashed and queasy the whole way through, so didn't draw.

I've been drawing all kinds of other things though, so I am going to bend the rules a bit and allow drawings of other live-action fast-moving people to feature here. It's a similar discipline, in that they move too quickly to really 'copy' what you see. I have to rely on really observing what is happening, and making very few marks incredibly fast. The ratio of looking to mark making is about 20:1, and each figure takes around 10 seconds to draw, maybe less.

This is my son's Taekwondo class in action. A very exciting week as the teacher's teacher was in town - Master George (7th dan black belt). He brought with him one of the Nigerian Taekwondo athletes for the Beijing Olympics. He was terrifyingly fast, strong, accurate and supple. Here he is doing the splits, they were all transfixed.