Monday, July 13, 2015

Little Toy Dog Brooches

Little Toy Dog Brooches: postcard

I've been busy making lots of new brooches for the Little Toy Dog Company and I've just finished a  new postcard design, which is always exciting! Can't wait to get that back from the printer. I posted a Samoyed off to the US recently and a Scottie dog off to Australia. My doggies are certainly getting around. I'll be showing at the Blackheath Christmas Fair later in the year, along with Brockley Christmas Market too.

In the meantime I'm starting some new illustrations, with the aim of replacing my portfolio and revamping my website, which I've been tidying up on over the last few days. Before I can do that I have to clear up my studio space, which is completely overcrowded. I cannot find anything and I can't move a single pencil without starting an avalanche of books, paper, brushes and bird's nests! I have filled a recycling bin and now have to wait for it to get emptied before I can carry on. Wish me luck and I will post some new work as it appears (and if I like it!).

Samoyed brooch, Little Toy Dog Company