Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Sad Day...

I heard today that BPG Publishing who produce Horse+Pony magazine will not be renewing their license to publish it from Bauer Publishing, who own the rights to H+P. The magazine has been going for 30 years, and been published by BPG since 2005. I have worked as the short story illustrator for the last 3 years, and loved it.

The August issue will be the last, and this story (A Friend in Need) will end half way through!! Argh!! When I get a minute I'll do the two final illustrations and see if the writer, Sue Howes, will let me post the two final installments of the story here on my blog. The magazine was going from strength to strength and I enjoyed my time working on it. What a sad day :-(

The drawing competition will go ahead and I'll be sending out book prizes when the winners are announced. Thanks to everyone who was a true H+P fan! Ponies rule forever!

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